Facial Series Package Deals

Facial Series Package Deals

Microcurrent facials is more sustainable and has long lasting results with cumulative treatments. Aging never stops!! We start losing collagen and elastin from the age of 25. The number of sessions depends on factors like… age, very deep lines, poor eating habits, acne, if you are a smoker or have health issues. You may need more session to acquire the desired look.

After having a series of treatments, consider this as an investment! To keep looking youthful and to save your investment, it is recommended that you have follow up treatments. The frequency of the treatments is different for everyone ….it can be one session every one to four month.


6 Treatments (reg $ 822.00)    Prepaid Deal $ 789.00

8 Treatments (reg $1096.00)    Prepaid Deal $ 959.00

12 Treatments (reg $1644.00)   Prepaid Deal $1416 (Maintenance $ 128.00)

 Prices are subjected to change at any time!

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