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Meet The Face Behind Freda's Rejuvenation Clinic

Having obtained my Bachelor of Science degree, I had a strong sense for helping others from the onset of my career. For the past 30 years of my life, I devoted myself to the health care system as a certified medical office and laboratory technician, and a member of Ontario Society of Medical Technologist. I have always been an advocate for continued education and strongly believe in applying my knowledge and skillsets in helping others physically, mentally and spiritually. As a result, I acquired a diploma in child and adult Psychology with highest honors, and my compassionate nature encouraged me to learn reiki in addition to being certified as a microcurrent technician. Having gained an understanding of an individual’s well-being from all walks of life, I am able to help my clients when they need it the most in that moment in their lives. I strongly believe that, in addition to practising reiki, The microcurrent technology provides an alternative approach to help clients not only achieve their goals esthetically, but also improve the symptoms of certain ailments they are faced with everyday.

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