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The skin on your hands and upper chest area shows aging faster, as they are exposed to environmental and harsh chemicals daily. These signs of aging can give away your age quickly, even if the face does not!!
These areas have less sebaceous glands and very little fatty tissue, therefore more prone to dryness, loss of elasticity, sunspots and wrinkles. Most often these areas are ignored in regular skin care routine. It is important to make sure that you use the cream and serum down to your collar bone!
We offer additional treatments for hands and decollate area; these treatments can be done as you are having the facial rejuvenation treatment or as a stand-alone treatment at any time you prefer.
Hand /decollate treatments can be added with your facial package, or as stand-alone treatment.

Treatment time for hands approx. 30 min

Treatment time for Decollate area approx. 30 min


Regular                          Package Deal

Hands $ 10.00                12 session $ 100.00

Decollate $ 10.00           12 session $ 100.00

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