Bell’s Palsy is a condition that causes weakness in the muscle on one side of the face. This makes the face look droopy on that side. The smile is one -sided and the eye on the effected side does not close properly. Some other side effects are headaches, loss of taste, drooling, jaw pain and ear ach on the effected side.
Bell’s Palsy can occur at any age. It is caused by swelling and inflammation of the nerve of the muscle on one side of the face.
In 1980, Thomas W. Wing introduced microcurrent treatment for Bell’s Palsy and later in1990’s microcurrent technology also became a cosmetic procedure.

At our clinic we can help you, with a total body holistic approach.


Initial Assessment and Treatment   $ 80.00

Follow up Treatment                        $ 80.00

Prepayment of 5 Treatments           $380.00

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