Optimum sleep slows down aging process, and you will look younger! Getting a good night sleep is very important for your health. It is as important as eating a well-balanced nutritious diet and exercising.How much sleep one needs, varies from person to person, but on average most adults need 8 hours of sleep per night. You need REM and NON-REM sleep. Your deep NON-REM sleep decreases as you age, causing less healing in your body. Not getting enough sleep can cause health issues like:

  • Increased risk of obesity due to the decreased ability to process sugar.
  • Hormone that triggers hunger increases.
  • Increase risk of heart attack, stroke and depression.
  • Hormone that triggers fullness decreases.
  • Statistics shows less than 7hours increases risk of early death by 26% in men and 21% in women.

If you are counting sheep at night, not able to sleep or stay asleep, you are not alone …. We can help you at our clinic with a total body holistic approach, so that you can have a restful sleep at night, LET THE HEALING BEGIN!
Insomnia protocol can be added to your facial package or as a stand alone offer!

 Treatment Outline

  • Health assessment forms to be completed.
  • Discuss any concerns you have about the treatment
  • Meridian balancing and non-needle acupuncture (centuries old method to harmonize and balance the body).
  • Information provided for nutritional support and topical products.

Appointment Time 15-20 min

Price    $ 25

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