A scar is the body’s natural way of healing and replacing damaged skin. Scar is a mark left on the skin after a wound or injury has healed. Most of the time they will fade away, but they never completely disappear.
Scarring affects you physically and psychologically, especially if you feel being stared at!!!
Freda’s rejuvenation clinic offers scar treatment with a total body holistic approach. Whether you have a NEW/ OLD SCAR, KELOID SCAR, ACNE SCAR OR STRETCH MARKS we can help you with our amazing treatments. NO PAIN, NO SIDE EFFECTS AND RISK FREE!!! 

SCAR PREVENTION:  A recent wound or after a surgery, if you want to prevent scarring you should start scaring treatment as soon as possible.

OLD SCARS: Raised lines that remain after a cut, wound or surgery. These lines fade away overtime but can still be visible and make you unhappy and self-conscious depending on the location of the scar.

STRETCH MARKS: Type of scars caused by pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain, obesity, weightlifting, excess cortisol (puberty, stress), topical steroid creams, genetics.

ACNE SCARS: Acne scars are caused due to the inflammation in the cutaneous cavity. The spots which are caused due to excessive follicles -pores and dead cells, these pores swell causing injury to the hair. The infection spreads into the dermal tissue and destroys the healthy tissue.

KELOID SCARS: Thick, raised, rounded, irregular scar tissue that grows at the site of a wound on the skin. Scars are usually red or dark in color.
Keloids are formed from collagen that the body produces when the skin is wounded. Collagen builds up where the tissue is damaged, helping to heal and strengthen the wound. Sometimes collagen continues forming, causing the scar to become raised and lumpy.

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