Stop Smoking

Nicotine is what gets a person addicted to cigarettes. The cigarette ingredients have the following effects on your health and body:

  • Smoking can speed up aging and increase loose skin.
  • Increase risk of cancer, psoriasis, Emphysema (lung condition).
  • Decrease oxygen and blood flow.
  • Can increase age spots and skin discoloration.
  • Slows down wound healing.
  • Reduce skin moisture.
  • Repetitive facial expression (smokers, lines on lips).
  • Reduce skin moisture.
  • Depletes vitamin C levels (approx. 1 cigarette uses 35 mg vit C). Vitamin C is critical for collagen production.
  • Stresses out the liver.
  • Reduced calcium absorption

Treatment Outline

  • Arrive in a withdrawal state (the least amount you have smoked prior to the session).
  • Health assessment forms to be completed.
  • Meridian balancing and non-needle acupuncture (centuries old method to harmonize and balance the body).
  • Recommendation on diet/ lifestyle.

Addiction and acupuncture: Success rate of 90% for 2200 people over 3 years.

Appoint Time Approx 30 Min


Initial Assessment and Treatment $ 80.00

Follow up Treatment                       $ 80.00

Prepaid package of 5                      $376.00

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