Treatment Outline

  • Treatment starts with a health assessment and a discussion on specific problem areas of the face. The root cause of aging such as poor nutrition and lifestyle choices are also addressed, creating a personalized program that provides long term results.
  • All makeup is to be removed prior to the treatment.
  • Photographs of the face are taken at the 1st, 6th and 12th treatment.
  • Explanation of treatment and informed consent form.
  • Non needle Acupuncture and Meridian Balancing will be performed, to harmonize the energy pathways.
  • Therapeutic grade essential oil will be applied on the soles of your feet, which helps to ground you and to balance the electric energies within your body.
  • Therapeutic grade essential oil and skin nourishing oil will be applied on your face.
  • One half of your face is treated, and the changes are pointed out. After the Microcurrent treatment of the face and neck is done, the session ends with a relaxing face and neck massage.

Every client will experience different changes. The immediate changes depend on your skin condition, wrinkle depth and your general health. You will see a gradual change to a more youthful, healthy and a radiant look with cumulative treatments, which are sustainable.


Increased Energy

Look and feel younger

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