It is natural to gain weight as we get older. We become less active which leads to muscle mass loss and slower metabolism.
Weight gain can also be associated with certain health issues; therefore, it is important to consult your family physician before you decide to start any weight loss program.
The goal is not to see the numbers on the scale go down, but inches lost and feeling healthy…
At our clinic we can help you with your weight loss journey…

Treatment Outline

  • Health assessment.
  • Meridian balancing and non-needle acupuncture (centuries old method to harmonize and balance the body).
  • Recommendation on diet/ lifestyle
  • Recommendation on nutritional support.

Appointment Time Approx 30 min


Initial Assessment and Treatment $ 45.00

Follow up Treatment                       $ 45.00

Prepaid Package of 12                    $ 513.00

Combined package for Weight loss and Cellulite    $867.00 

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